Canadian Geographic - Kids

Animal Facts - Search by province or species for Canada's wild animals.  You just might be surprised at what animals live in your province. 

Animal Planet

A website all about animals!


A website with video footage and digital images of zoo and aquarium animals from around the world. 

The Electronic Zoo

Tons of information on a wide variety of animals!

Northwest Wildlife Preservation Society

This is a Canadian organization based out of British Columbia.  Although the organization works mostly out of B.C the Kids Corner holds many delights for the young naturalist.  There are activities, facts, animal sounds and tips for starting your own eco-club.  

Teach the Children Well

This website has countless resources from printable worksheets to digital stories and videos.  Some of the topics include: farm animals, habitats, food chains, pets and pond life.  There is not a search engine on the page so one must sift thought all the headings on their own, but if you have the time you just might find a treasure or two.

Hinterland Who's Who - For Educators

This link will take you to lesson plans that have been developed specifically in regards to Canadian wildlife.  Topics include: what is a habitat, migration and oil spills.  The homepage under species also has detailed descriptions about many species native to Canada including mammals, birds, amphibians and insects.

The Encyclopedia of Saskatchewan

Search about everything Saskatchewan!  Search for animals and plants that are predominant in Saskatchewan and learn about life cycles, migration and more.

Canadian Wildlife Federation

This organization is dedicated to the conservation of wildlife in Canada.  It offers many resources such as: online articles, magazines and newsletters. It also includes a detailed encyclopedia which one may use to identify plant, animal, bird and insect species.  Posters, lesson plans and other free printable material are available through the website.  Information regarding educational sources such as Project Wild and Fish Ways are also available through the organization. 

Digital Books

Listen and Read - Animals

Fifteen non-fiction stories about animals with audio and images. 

The Farm Animals

An illustrated story about animal sounds.